Hailing from a quaint coastal haven in the heart of Scotland, NATI. has ignited a global phenomenon that's shaking up the music scene. Shedding her former name Natidreddd, she emerges as NATI., symbolising a thrilling transformation perfectly timed for her electrifying upcoming tour at the end of this year. In the pulsating rhythm of 2023, NATI. has not only amassed an impressive near 2 million followers across the digital soundscape but has also hit the road, sharing stages with legends like Tidelines, Newton Faulkner, and Simply Red. Those captivating live-streamed shows not only enthralled fans worldwide but also emboldened NATI. to bid farewell to her 9-to-5 job and wholeheartedly embrace her musical destiny. Last November, NATI. embarked on a triumphant UK journey, leaving sold-out imprints all across Scotland, with the legendary King Tut's witnessing a lightning-fast sellout show within hours. The pinnacle of her journey was marked by a monumental headline performance at Glasgow's St. Luke's in 2023. NATI. has been crafting a tapestry of creativity, writing heartfelt original compositions. Her debut single, crafted alongside the visionary Rich Turvey of 'Blossoms' fame, is out now. The stage was set for a scorching summer as NATI. headlined festivals and offered glimpses of her debut EP through a series of captivating singles, paving the way for its full release in the heart of October. NATI.'s story stands as a living testament that dreams are more than mere fantasies – they can indeed materialise into reality. Just 3 years ago, NATI. was playing the guitar in her bedroom with the goal of keeping herself entertained during lockdown. Little did she anticipate that she would also bring smiles to the faces of hundreds of thousands of people each week, cultivating a community that adored NATI. not only for her musical talent and dreamy vocals but also for her immense, warm, and inclusive personality that uplifts spirits all around the world.

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